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Service - Estimates Are Always Free

When you bring in your bike for service we always start with a free estimate, of the work that will be needed. One of our technicians will discuss the issues with you and will layout all of the options. You choose what work you would like performed.

There are endless bike models. There is equipment that is more labor intensive and has a higher cost than what we have listed below. When we inspect your bike, we will give you a heads up if there are potential complications. 

Short on Time? 

In many cases we can expedite service for you if you are in a hurry.

Next day tune ups are available for $149.00

Same day tune ups can be done for $189.00

Expedited tunes are subject to availability.  Check with your locations technician to make sure there is a slot. 

Tune ups


Tune Up

Premium Road Tune

Premium MTB Tune

All bolts checkedYesYesYes
Inspect and inflate tiresYesYesYes
Brake and derailleur adjustment YesYesYes
Bike cleaned
Wheels trued YesYesYes
Bottom Bracket AdjustedYesYesYes
Headset adjusted YesYesYes
Bar Wrap Labor
New Shifter + brake cable and housing **

Drivetrain Clean


Dual Brake Flush (if applicable)

Fork wiper Service **

Rear Shock air can service **

Tire Sealant refill (parts incl)



Service Items

There's a large variety of bikes and components. These price range below are based on the most common, assuming normal wear and tear. Extreme damage, seized bolts, or unique situations can result in increased labor not listed here. 



Rim Brake Adjustment or pad install $10

Disc Brake adjustment pad install $22

Cable and housing install External/Internal $22 / $30

Disc Lever  brake bleed $30

Disc Brake flush or install $45



Headset adjustment $12

Stem install $12

Fork install $49 (non integrated)

Bar Wrap $15



Derailleur adjustment  $14

Derailleur install with adjustment $25

Chain install $14 -$22

Chainring install with crank removal $20

Freehub overhaul $30

Cartridge bearing press in $15

Drive-train Clean $50



Closed damper fork lube $40 +Parts

Fork wiper service $60 + Parts

Rear shock air sleeve maintenance $45 + Parts

Specialized fox brain rear shock overhaul $120 + Parts

Fox or Rockshox reservoir rear shock overhaul $120 + Parts

Fox or Rockshox inline rear shock overhaul $100 + Parts



Flat repair - $9

Airlock tube/Sealant - $6/each

New Tubeless setup -$20/each wheel Valves and tape not included

Wheel true - $12 - $20/each

Spoke replacement - $30+

Wheel build - $100+ parts

Front hub overhaul - $20

Tubular tire glue $120



DI2/Etap Firmware updates $34

Dropper post instal $25 ext. $45-65 internal

Box a bike $75-100

Assemble bike $100-250+


H-15 Suspension Service