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What is a bike fitting? 

Bike fitting is about maximizing your experience on a bike. Bikes that don't  fit correctly lead to pain or discomfort, as well as limit both time you can ride and power output. Our experienced fitters collect information about you and your ride goals, as well as your biomechanics and flexibility. While you are riding on a stationary trainer we make the corrections to be sure you call train, ride or race, pain free on your bike.

When is the right time for a fit?

There are a number times that are ideal for a fitting. If you are just getting started, just got a new bike, having aches or pain while riding, even just planning to ride a lot more than you have previously. If you're unsure; just ask us. We can get a little bit of background information and let you know if you would benefit from a fitting or just need a minor adjustment.

Cleat and Shoe

Cleat Install $30

Service Set Cleat fore/aft and amplitude

Time 15 minutes

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person on bike for stroke analysis

Pedal Stroke Analysis $130

Set saddle height, saddle fore and aft, cleat que factor and valgu/varus correction if needed. Wedges are not included.

Time: 1 hour

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woman being measured for bike fit

Bike Fit Level I $250

Set saddle height, sit bones, Saddle fore/aft, cleat que factor valgu/varus corrections if needed. Handlebar width, reach and bar drop.

Time 1.5 hours

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Bike Fit Level II $350

Same as level I. In addition a body analysis looking at leg length discrepancies,flexibility, range of motion and impingements applied to the fitting.

Time 2 hours

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What should you bring?

From Pedal stroke analysis to Bike Fit Level II, you should show up ready to ride. Bring your bike, shoes, shorts and a jersey. Don't forget to give yourself a little time to change, if you are coming from work.