Ambassador program 

We have been deeply involved the cycling community for 25 years. We have organized races, built trails, founded Utah's only Elite road cycling team, sponsored NICA teams since its introduction to Utah 6 years ago, sponsored women's pro teams. We love the cycling community and we bet you do too.  We are looking for ambassadors that live that passion for cycling.   

 Hangar 15 Bicycles Ambassadors participate in the following ways:
  • Lead or sweep a minimum of one ride every month (eight rides per year) Corner Corner Canyon, Eagle Mountain or Harriman trails

  • Maintain integrity for the store/brand by riding a specific brand of bike or wearing the shop kit

  • Have a relationship with the store by attending ambassador meetings and providing feedback on how we can improve our cycling community.

  • Help drive traffic to the store by handing-out ambassador cards and sharing knowledge about products, other events, etc.

  • Increase/maintain ridership by being active on social platforms (pictures, sharing posts, commenting) and creating a welcoming and safe environment during rides

For your time, energy and dedication, Hangar 15 Bicycles will offer:
  • Hangar 15 Bicycles branded apparel and swag

  • Product samples

  • Discounts on everyday purchases along with bi-annual opportunities to purchase bikes at a great discount

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