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NICA support 

We are proud to be supporters of NICA since the league was formed in 2012. Our Hangar 15 club racing team members are ride leaders and coaches for many teams in Salt Lake and Utah County. Many of our top mechanics raced their high school years in the NICA program and many of our junior salesmen are high school students racing for their High school mountain bike teams. We have friends and family discount bikes for everyone that support the NICA program. 

Team Sponsorship

For Head coaches looking for support, please come and talk with us. We are happy to sit down and discuss how we can work together. We have a number of options that we can tailor fit to the needs of your organization.


Team Discounts

Even if we are not your primary shop, we can help out your racers when they need bikes or accessories. We know that racers all want different brands that are sometimes outside what is available from your primary shop. We are happy to get your athletes NICA discounts on available models. Come see us and we can share the details on discounts we offer for NICA athletes purchasing bikes and accessories.

NICA Racer discounts

Not all shops have everything, and sometimes you just can't wait to get what you need for a repair for an upcoming race. Those high school or devo students that are current team members get a discount. We love our NICA racers!