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COVID-19 Protocols

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Just like you we have been educating ourselves on COVID-19.  We have put stringent sanitary measures in place for the protection of our employees and customers. No one is sure how long this will play out or what the total impact will be. For now we will do what is best for everyone by following these protocols. 


– We wipe down the grips, handlebar, top tube, and saddle before and after each bicycle test ride with a bleach disinfectant mixture. 

– We are performing an hourly wipe down of the sales counter, phones, keyboards, handrails, door handles, and all flat surfaces near the cash counter, sales counter, and entrances with a disinfectant mixture or Clorox wipes.

- Credit card keypads will be wiped down after every customer.

Service Department

– We are wearing nitrile latex gloves while service writing and are changing them out frequently.  

– We are wiping down the handlebar, top tube, stem, and saddle of all incoming repairs or services upon check-in with a disinfectant mixture.

– After performing a repair or service, or new bike sales check, we will wipe down the handlebar, top tube, stem, and saddle with bleach disinfectant mixture.

– We perform a morning and evening wipe down of all repair stands, workbenches, bathrooms, and floors with a disinfectant mixture.

- Employees that are not feeling well are to stay home

We are fortunate that cycling promotes a healthy lifestyle and we share a great sport that we can continue to enjoy despite the uncertainty that surrounds us.